Fresh ERPNext Install missing domains

I did a fresh docker install of ERPNext using the instructions in the docs.

After the install though I only have two domains available. One being Manufacturing, the other being Retail.

I need the E-Commerce most notably to be available. What’s really strange is that the modules themselves all appear on the left (except for E-Commerce, Education, HR and Health, I understand the last three got separated)

I even tried dropping the site and then re-creating it. With no success, as a note this is using the latest version of the docker repo (so I think it’s ERPNext 14?)

I also think that the lack of E-Commerce Domain might be messing with the Woocommerce integration (notably 500 errors on the webhook)

Starting in Version 14, many of the modules are now installed separately, as-needed:

Their appearance on the sidebar is probably on oversight, leftover from the conversion away from monolith (YouTube link).

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I understand that, but Woocommerce seems to be built-in still? And I would think more than just Manufacturing and Retail would still show up since the modules you linked to don’t include everything I remember being in version 13?

Honestly it’s all very confusing ATM, I think I might just wait until 14 is more grown up before proceeding, or figure out how to revert the docker containers and stuff to version 13.

I only linked the first 4 modules I found, related to your inquiry. There are many other now-independent modules I didn’t list (LMS, for example).

Not sure about how/why it looks the way it does.

you’ll need to build your image with list of apps you need.

docs: frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

my custom image builds: castlecraft / CEPL ERPNext Images · GitLab

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