Fresh install on AWS ubuntu

I have installed ERPnext on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS server AWS using the easy install script
The setup completed but i am unable to login. Dont see the login screen at all.

Looks like CSS is not loaded. Click on the login button and see what happens.

nothing happens

how much ram the system has … usually i go with t2.small

i have 1 gb, is it not enough?

In my experience 8Gig is the minimum. I find that 7Gig is consumed by processes

8 gig is not minimum requirement, running v12, production server on digital ocean 1vCPU and 2GB ram droplets, no issues related to system resources till now.

My test machine runs on AWS t2.micro without any issues.

Try reinstallation. Follow these commands:

thank you @rtdany10. I’ll try reinstalling it.

How is the response?

its snappy, runs as fast as it does on my laptop (16gb ram, quad core i7 ), number of users are less though ( 20~25 at a time )


Yup. I tried the lower end. It works. The responsiveness in my use case is noticeable. The snappiness went away.

The RAM requirement mainly stems from the bench build process. If that problem is tackled, then we can have ERPNext/Frappe setups even on servers with 1G or less RAM.

I’ve written a new feature which builds and maintains assets. This only works on develop and the next v13-beta. However, this feature enables assets to be packaged and attached to the GitHub releases that will be made henceforth. If you can craft an alternative script to utilize those assets instead of having to build on your servers, you can run with a much lesser RAM requirement.

There’s also Frappe Docker which could also work for you.