Fresh install on macOS Sierra

I’ve successfully set up ERPNext (several times) on CentOS 7. However, I am wanting to have my mac as local dev machine. I formatted the drive on my mac, installed macOS Sierra. But having issues with the pip command.

I am following the instructions at:
Turning a Mac into a Frappe Framework Developer Machine

Everything is going smooth, except when I get to:

pip install virtualenvwrapper

I receive:

zsh: command not found: pip

I issued: “which python” command, I get:


Then: “echo $PATH”, I get:


Which to me looks odd. If I issue:

find . -name "pip"

I get:


So I’m thoroughly confused on which python & pip I’m supposed to use/have. What my path should be in “.zshrc”.

Also, when the article shows to install mariaDB, the next step just has:

export PATH="/usr/local/opt/mariadb@10.1/bin:$PATH

But doesn’t say where to put it. I assume in “.zshrc”, is this correct?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like if I type python it uses the system. If I type python2, it uses homebrews version. So if I type pip2, it works.

If anyone has any idea how to “link” python2 to python and pip2 to pip that would be great. Im not sure if this is normal, or if my install is screwed up.

Incase anyone else runs into this… “Brew info python” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: says:

    ==> Caveats
This formula installs a python2 executable to /usr/local/bin.
If you wish to have this formula's python executable in your PATH then add
the following to ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH="/usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin:$PATH"

Pip and setuptools have been installed. To update them

pip2 install --upgrade pip setuptools

You can install Python packages with
pip2 install <package>

They will install into the site-package directory
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$ which pip2

macdet at macdetII in ~/Library/Saved Application State
$ file /usr/local/bin/pip2
/usr/local/bin/pip2: a /usr/local/opt/python/bin/python2.7 script text executable, ASCII text