Fresh install on ubuntu 20.4 error at localhost "Sorry! We will be back soon."

Hi, I just installed ubuntu 20.4 on my laptop.
Hi i have an issue where i installed erpnext but at a certain point the localhost stopped working and i also could not enter the login this was right after a fresh install, like i was unable to login and set up company options at all, anyone mind helping set it up properly? im not as knowledgeable in linux as well as erpnext

i followed this guide and reached till “Testing Your ERPNext 12 Installation”
i thought maybe the password is wrong so i may have changed the password by mistake as well
the first error was “Sorry we will be back soon”; which later on showed incorrect credentials on trying to login to which i tried changing the password from terminal

did you “sudo adduser sammy” and “sudo usermod -aG sudo sammy”?

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You can change the administrator password using

bench --site site1.local set-admin-password YourNewPasswordGoesHere

no i have not yet

alright, but idk how to access or make the site work… i am trying to go back a few steps, maybe i made a mistake in the nginx bit?
isnt that the bit that is supposed to make the port work?

You should make an user before install, or better, su - yourUser then install

also, if possible, after su - yourUser, remember to mkdir .cache before install too

when easy install using, it’s better to flag --verbose so that any error will be displayed

by the way, flag --without-erpnext when

after install, test ip:port or ip if multitenant is on. if problem, use bench drop-site site1.local, bench remove-app frappe then bench get-app --branch version-12 frappe and bench get-app --branch version-12 erpnext and finally bench new-app --db-name erp_localhost localhost, bench --site localhost install-app erpnext.

alright thanks i will try this!


Hi @r0y,
I had similar problem, try to check frappe-bench/sites/commonn_site_config.json, maintenance_mode should be 0.