Fresh install with development VM in VirtualBox

Hi all,

after trying ERPNext in the cloud, I want to install it localy.
I downloaded the development VM and imported it into VirtualBox on may Windows 10 machine.
The VM starts fine and I can start ERPNext 10.

However, as soon as I want to upgrade to v11 the problems start.
I tried a lot of tips from the forums but every time I end up with different error messages.
Starting from “pip.req” errors to errors when running bench start, every time I got one solved a plurality of other errors made it impossible to start the system.

I wonder if the development VM is usable to upgrade to V11 or if it is borken to a point that makes no sense to use it any more.

Is there a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the development VM → upgrde to latest production or development branch → activate python 3 → start bench?

Or should I try the easy install method? But then the VM could as well be removed…

Thanks for any tips!

You can create your own linux VM and do a manual install

That is what I will try in the next step.

But that means, that the VM is useless if I want to upgrade to V11?!?

The VM is very stable. It just isn’t v11