Fresh Installation of ERPNext on Virtual Machine is not working

I have recently installed a fresh copy of ERPNext under a VirtualBox.
But, I am getting the below error whereas I have the site_config.json file under the specified directory.

I appreciate, if anyone can help me in this regard.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 try localhost/

if not working how did you install it?

I tried re-installing also, but the problem remains same.

Ruchin Sharma

how did you install ? did you use the VM or use easy install script or manual?

No, I have a VirtualBox with where I have already installed Ubuntu and I did install it using:

sudo bash --setup-production


bench setup
bench setup nignx

Hi @ruchin78, have you resolved the issue?

Yes, I have resolved it but it didn’t work and I need to re-installed again and again around 7 time and finally it installed perfectly without any issue.

Ruchin Sharma

Its again not working, I am very much surprise the why it is not working again.

Ruchin Sharma