Fresh Installation on Ubuntu (Digital Ocean) - Several Views "empty"

Good Morning,
i have just installed ERPNext first time out of the development environment on a Digital Ocean Droplet with production parameter set to true. Process went smooth and without errors and system is very fast (congrats) on that small machine with 1GB RAM.
Anyway, i went through initial setup (Skipped taxes, products and customers) and now some screens (views) show simply empty with only a few labels. Honestly i have NO idea what i have missed or done wrong.
Any help appreciated. ERPNext Version is 5.0.27, frappe version ist 5.0.28.
Thanks in advance.

Refresh the page?
Did you add some swap space (2Gb?) to your server?

Hi Francois
page refresh for sure done same reload. texted in several machines and browsers. same result.
What do you mean in this case with add a swap space. do i have to do that explicitly. HD space is sufficient.
Thanks and Greets

Hi Francois again,

was a good tip, even it works in my vm on the mac with 1gb ram it seems to be a problem on do.
i followed the tasks on "install frappe in low memory environment (swap) and now it seems to work.
Will check on. for now thanks :smile:

@fuekor, i want to do fresh setup on DO too. Did you install ubuntu 32bit or 64bit? Tks

unfortunately same effects again after some work on the platform. free still show 4gb available on the swap file and normal 190mb free. restarted bench but same problem. also reboot shows no effect. very strange. Its a 64bit ubuntu 14.04

Hi @fuekor

Check your browser’s javascript console and see if it shows any errors.