From Conference: What is ERPNext Marketing Strategy?


I was present for ERPNext Conference 2016.

We realize that ERPNext lacks in Marketing/Digital Advertisement.

I am posting Two Screen Shot here.

Best Open Source ERP

Best Open Source CRM

Very few people know about ERPNext.

Solution to this problem.

  1. We can do crowd funding and hire good marketing agency for digital marketing (Crowd funding worked for header-footer development in print format and Quickbooks integration)
  2. Run ERPNext Development/Certification Programs for both developer and domain experts.
  3. Arrange meetup/ conference in large scale.
  4. Collaborate with service providers and community member for marketing and training on ERPNext.

Give your suggestions, so that ERPNext becomes essential tool for everyone
working in IT, Retail, Health Care and Manufacturing Sector like Email/Open
Office/Team Viewer/Skype/Dropbox/AWS

Sambhaji Kolate


I agree that there should be some focus towards the marketing of ERPNext, this will also expand the community and therefore positively affect ERPNext itself. ERPNext may be the best (or only?) purely open source ERP out there, and a lot of people don’t use it, simply because they’re unaware of it.

However, quoting Rushabh, “We’ll start marketing when the issues go below 500” :wink:


@kolate_sambhaji SEO has been on our list for a while, but we have not got around it fully yet.

I think here is one thing all of us can do:

Share your stories! Find a good blogging site (I would recommend and just share your ERPNext Story. I just met a user yesterday who decided to use ERPnext after seeing the conference videos (from 2014). I think there are lots of good stories around erpnext and we should start sharing them.

Maybe once we setup (soon!) the community can volunteer to do some SEO around that :slight_smile: