From frappe crm portal email not sent

from crm portal page if we go inside that and try to send emails does not show in email queue list and not sent to recipient also.

Is your site on frappecloud?
I am not able to reproduce in my instance. I will need more info or if I can get access to your site I can investigate and fix.

Its install manually in docker

Then I guess problem is with email account setup

but from the desk email sent sucessfully

if i go to frappe crm portal

from here try to sent email but not sent

here is email account configuration

Can you share screenshot of console if there is any error? while sending email from portal

Yes we have also check console log while sending mails from portal but there is nothing error

I will need an instance where I can reproduce the issue.
I am not able to reproduce in any of my instances not in local or production

your frappe crm version?

our version

i have send you personally web url and username, password please check

please check in message box