From Odoo to ERPNext


For the last 5 years my husband @blaggacao and I have been working hardly to implement Odoo in Colombia without success. Pretty much of our failure is due to the fact that we were “partners” of Odoo, a company that is detached of partnership. Because of this, and also forced by the actual circumstances, we were closing our company and so our relationship with Odoo. This in fact gave us the opportunity to explore new paths, so we came to know about ERPNext. I have read the documentation and started with a trial version. As a power user, I can tell that is greatly advanced, better featured and user friendlier than Odoo, which in my opinion is worth to be mentioned in your comparison web section.

Here we are moving forward and founding a BPO services business, so in the next couple of weeks I’ll keep evaluating ERPNext. Is there any space where I can share my findings / observations / feedback?

Thanks for reading and please keep safe. BR!


Hi @Lina_Maria_Avendano

This forum is the best place to share your feedback and observations.

You can start one thread for this purpose or open threads for each feedback/observation as they come up.

Best of luck

siempre te puede unir a este grupo tambien