From Quotation to Sales Order: "Row 1: Due Date cannot be before posting date"

Hi all,

I am receiving the above error message in the title when I am creating a Sales Order from a Quotation, except when the date of the sales order is prior to the date of the quotation, which makes no sense.

Currently running:
ERPNext: v12.6.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.4.1 (version-12)

Here is the situation in detail:

  1. I create a new quotation and submit it successfully. It is for 2 items that we do not stock and we will order from our supplier after the customer confirms the order. The quotation was made with Date 2020-01-31 and Valid Till 2020-02-10.

  2. The due date passes, and on 2020-04-07 the customer confirms the order based on the quotation.

  3. I cancel the submitted quotation. I then amend it and this creates a new quotation, linked to the cancelled one. In the new/amended quotation I entered 2020-04-02 (note this date, as it is relevant further below) as the new Date and Valid Till 2020-04-17. I submit this one successfully. Makes sense.

  4. On the newly-submitted amended quotation, I click on Create > Sales Order and it starts a new sales order by linking it to the amended quotation, and so it also pulls the two items from it. On the new sales order, I enter Date 2020-04-09 (today’s date). (I also set Delivery Data as 2020-05-14, though I don’t think this plays any role in the issue I’m facing). When I press Save, I get the error message “Row 1: Due Date cannot be before posting date”.

  5. I change the Date of the new sales order to something prior to the Date of the amended quotation. For example, I set it to 2020-04-01. I press Save and it saves successfully. This makes no sense.

What am I missing here? How can a sales order be dated prior to the date of the quotation on which it is based…?

Thank you for any insights, as this has been driving me crazy for the past two hours.


Hello Markus,

In the Sales Order, under the Payment Terms section, make sure the Due Date as shown in the screenshot below is set after the Posting Date (right at the top of the sales order).

Hope this helps.


Ufff… thank you SO much @michelle ! That fixed it.

@rmehta, it would help a lot to make error messages mention which part of the form each term refers to. For example, instead of “Due Date”, “Payment Terms table, Ro1 1: Due Date cannot be before posting date of Sales Order.”

Thanks again for the help with this great piece of software!