From Sales order directly to Installation Note


Is it necessary to go from sales order → delivery note → installation note? Is it possible to go straight from sales order to installation note?

Also, is it possible to make multiple installation notes from one sales order and/or delivery note?

In some of our sales, we have multiple IMEIs but each IMEI requires its own installation and not all IMEIs can be installed during 1 installation. In these cases it would be good to be able to produce multiple installation notes for the same sales order.



I see the installation note does not affect stock entries. Is it possible to disable the add items function to the installation note?

Or, preferably, is it possible to allow the add items function and allow installation notes to affect stock entries? Items added to the installation note would be not be charged for separately.

Sofia Liska


Another question regarding stock and deliveries.

I made a delivery note and deleted it but the serial numbers still appear as “delivered.” What do I need to do in order make them appear “available”?

As you can see in the image, they are listed as “delivered” but have no “delivery details.”


Hi Sofia,
-Installation Note is used when an item required installation on customer’s place after delivery.
-For example, if you buy Washing Machine, the seller generally goes to customer’s place to setup that. Then service person can make a “Installation Note”, to track the date and details about the installation.

  • After Delivery Note ,you can make Installation note.
  • It is not possible to go straight from sales order to installation note.
  • In one “Installation Note” you can take multiple “Delivery Note”.(same customer)

Regarding Stock and delivered
-1.when you submit delivery Note with serial number then Status become ‘Delivered’
and Delivery Details also displayed.

-2.when you cancel that delivery Note then Status become as “Available” and Delivery Details get removed.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Shraddha,

Our customers buy several things that need to be installed but not all of those things can be installed at the same time.

Can I make several delivery notes from 1 sales order?

Or several material issues from one sales order?


Hi Sofia,
Yes,you can make several delivery note and material issues from one sales order.