From VirtualBox to onsite deployment

I am playing around with ERPNext and potentially want to start using it at some point in the near future. I use a pretty recent ‘official’ Virtual Box appliance and wonder whether it would be difficult to transfer your entire ERPNext system from such a VM to local deployment.

I was considering to whether just using the disk image of the Virtual Box appliance but I assume somewhat that this is maybe not the ideal setup of a production system.

So, can you just take a backup of the database and load it into a new environment without any big difficulties? If that would be the case I might just start setting up ERPNext in a Virutal Box VM and once I have managed to setup an installation on our local server (ubuntu 14.04, I might be setting up docker there and put ERPNext in a container) just transfer my database to that.

I wonder whether it’s as simple as just restoring a backup on the new system??

Yes you can restore database from one environment to another

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thanks for the hint. For my understanding … the backup then actually contains …

  1. database
  2. attached/uploaded files
  3. ERPNext Setting and Customizations*?

*are they stored inside of the database?



  1. the link given by jorfjc is for database backup.
  2. If you using plugin dropbox or amazon s3 backup it will create a 2 file which is for private file and public files. You have to manually restore it.
  3. Settings is save in database and customization is in each plugins. So you have to re install the plugins you are using.
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Its a part of siteconfig.json in your sites folder.

Other than that, its all in the database.

what’s a plugin (in terminology of ERPNext)?

@vrms in frappe is called app. ERPNext is an app in Frappe

so what about the term plugin? Does that term even exist or did you use it but actually meant ‘app’ (in terminology of frappe)?

Plugin = App. I just used it but actually meant ‘app’ in frappe

you mean site_config.json, right?

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