Frustration while making more than dozens of installation tries

I am getting frustrated while doing so many tries from more than two weeks on different times.
I am having problem while installing ERPNext easy install.
after running below command i am getting error on wkhtmltox

sudo python --production

see the error in image below.

I even have installed the wkhtmltopdf manually, but installation is not sensing or taking my manually installed wakhtmltopdf. it always trying to install it by itself.
Please help. My project dead line is reaching :frowning:

Im sorry to hear about the problems you’re having. The issue with the wkhtmltopdf is probably because of a third part repository not working at the time you run the script.

If you try again hopefully they will have fixed their problem.

Otherwise you could try the Virtual box image. It’s not as good an install method based the script but works well for a demo.

A last alternative is to try the method written up on this forum where you do it all manually. Does take a lot longer but easier to fix if you hit a stumbling block.

Do come back if you have problems

I did a complete installation of V10 on Debian 8 on Vultur server without a hitch in about 30 minutes. Not sure if you have followed the proper steps.

Not an expert and hoping someone on the forum could help you.