FTA Requirement

Is there anyone know that ERPnext is fulfilling the requirement of FTA in UAE ? If yes , is there any document available ?

ERPNext already has a module for UAE VAT and filings if that’s what you mean:


Thank you very much for your support , would you like to share that
I have make invoice in Jan 2022 , VAT has been summited in FTA… Now in Feb 2022 Customer came and return all products, I have return all his amount including VAT.

No How I can claim to FTA to return Tax against those invoice which I have summited in Jan 2022 ?

Amendments to output tax

If you paid already VAT then I think that best option is for you, create a new purchase invoice and buy them all instead of return.

Good Suggestion

one more question is that
If I have missed any invoice in quarter and VAT already submitted , then how can I process OLD invoice in current quarter (UAE), Does Erp has any option,?

hafiz4saqib kindly contact me 03366909060 i need to discuss few things with you as i think you have great knowledge about erp next