Full and Final Settlement - Shows only Option to Save

The Full and Final Settlement Document Option shows only the option to save and no option to Submit.

These are the payables and receivables that have been configured.

There are no Assets Allocated.

The new FrappeHR documentation doesn’t seem to have an entry on this doctype either.

Things I’ve checked:

@zuron7 can you check if your logged in user’s role has submit access on full and final settlement permission

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Did a quick check now. It seems like the default permissions don’t have submit enabled for any of the roles. That is strange. I should have checked this in the first place in the role permissions manager. Thank you for the help.


Raised an issue on the github repository for the FrappeHR project so the discussion or fix (if any) can be made for ease of future users

Link to Issue: https://github.com/frappe/hrms/issues/1019