[Full Release] ERPNext Version 4

Hello Community, 

Hope you are doing great. 

Its been a while since we sent out a note, but we are happy to announce that we have released a brand new version of ERPNext (Version 4). Some of the highlights of this release are: 
  1. Developer Friendly: It is now easy to extend ERPNext via API or create apps (or plugins) for your customization.
  2. Frappe Framework: We have also rebranded our web framework to "Frappe" and launched a new site (https://frappe.io).
  3. Frappe Cloud: Our cloud hosting services now go under the brand name FrappeCloud.com, we did this to separate our commercial offering from the Open Source project ERPNext.
  4. The mandatory hundreds of bug fixes and usability improvements.

The State of ERPNext

In the past few months, we made great progress in improving the product quality and usability. And we also agree that there are a lot of things we still need to fix which, we are doing to the best of our abilities. As an Open Source project, ERPNext is going along quite nicely. There are more than 500 members in both the user and developer forums and more than 400 users have starred on GitHub. Interaction on the forums is also rapidly increasing. As a business, we are doing okay to sustain our small team, with the help from our paid subscribers and donors. We believe that there are at least 300 organizations out there that are using ERPNext to help them manage their operations, which is an achievement we are proud of.

What's Next?

In the coming few months, we hope to focus on the quality and usability of the product, improve the reporting and add features based on user need. We have also started a poll on what feature should we develop next. So we look forward to your feedback. And we finally hope to start a product based on ERPNext to help partners and small software vendors run their own ERPNext Cloud. 

We look forward to your continued support and feedback!


Rushabh Mehta 

Web Notes Technologies, Mumbai 


1. ERPNext.com

2. Start your own 30 day Free trial at FrappeCloud (https://frappecloud.com)

3. Learn how to build apps and extensions for ERPNext (https://frappe.io/apps/frappe-framework/developers)

4. Catchup on whats happening Inside ERPNext, from our Open Day Presentations

5. Vote on what you think should ERPNext do next




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