Functionality Clarity

Hi , can anybody tell me can we use erpnext for multi store saloon … One major requirement is when client checkins then a small slip needs to be printed out with the items used during service and activities performed … and during checkout final invoice should be printed
and we have to mentions the quantity of item used in every service …so said quantity be reduced from the inventory

@Ravinder_Kaushik you can create a draft invoice and keep adding items.

You can create a custom print format that prints slips for each item.


I want to have this senerio -----

Like Service Name is golden facial

So this service will have sub services and items

So While Creating Parent Service , I can assign sub services with duration and items used with quantity , Like for example

Golden facial will have these sub services

  1. Face pack 7 min
  2. Bleach 15 min
  3. Massage 8 min

Items used

  1. Lotus face pack 10 gm
  2. Lotus bleach 20 gm
  3. Lotus fruit cream 40 gm

This should be printed at customer check in … and admin only have to select parent service at the POS terminal …

Thankyou for Your reply !

Hello Ravinder,

Product Bundle (formerly Sales BOM) allows you to bundle stock items together. You can use this feature for items used. You will need to add other services (or sub-services) manually.

As a work-around, you can also duplicate already existing Sales Invoice to create invoice faster. That Sales Invoice will be having required items already selected in it, and shall work for you as a template.