Functions in doctype

Hi all,
How can I get the functions and information of a doctype?


any sugesstion plz?

What do you mean with


I want to get all the overwrite function in any doctype, like Employee, which functions is overwritten in it

Not sure what you mean?

Sorry, I still do not quite understand what you mean by “all the overwrite function”.

At least you find all python functions to a doctype under “[Module]\doctype \ [Doctype] \ [Doctype].py” and all javascript functions to doctype under “[Module]\doctype \ [Doctype] \ [Doctype].js”

Exactly I mean the “python functions to a doctype”
how can I get them as an object?

I can get the doctype info by frappe.get_doc(“DocType”, doctype), but i need the python functions that used in it

As I said, you can find these under “[Module]\doctype \ [Doctype] \ [Doctype].py” :smile:
for e.g. the

I konw :slight_smile:

But I want to return them as an object

for what use case? :sweat_smile:

To check a specific method and run it for some doctypes

Hmmm…I known no existing function to that effect. I think you have to write your own python script

I will try, Thanks @joelios

from Xwz import add_number