Funnels for various tasks


I want to try and create funnels (much like CRM sales funnel) for various tasks within my organisation.

We are a agri-produce trading company. I’ll use a couple of examples:

  1. For buying produce from farms, we need an internal database, and much like Lead, Opportunity, etc. etc. in CRM, we could create a funnel “Prospects”, “Engaged”, “Closed”. This could possibly be used by others for their vendor relationships, where number of vendors far outnumber the clients.

  2. Similar funnel could be “Invoice generated”, “invoice sent”, “amount received”. When we make everything a funnel, each step can be assigned to (theoretically) different people.

It would also be great if we can add comments to each of these steps.

Question: Does this require severe modification? Or can this be done by some minor tweaking and playing around with workflows and doctypes?

Thank you,

You can achieve this with workflows. Ensure to update the workflow state to be updated as status in the document where the workflow is applied. You can start here

Thank you @jaichavan

I have not delved deeper into using the system. I am just reading documentation extensively. The basic problem with workflows if I am assuming correctly is, there can’t be multiple workflows to the same document type. I do not know if/whether this will be a problem for us.