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Currently I am working in wnframework. I have a small issue in that. Whenever I create a new Doctype or a search criteria, the folder gets created inside the "modules" directory in a LOCKED state. So every time, I have to get the root permission to add .js,.py files into that newly created folder. But when I use ls -l to view the permissions, it says it is created by "www-user". so is there anyway to rectify it? What I want is that, whenever i create a new doctype or page or search criteria, the folder created must not be locked..

As for this issue, it can be fixed by changing the umask value for the apache user(in this case 'www-data'). It is advisable to set it to 0002 and adding the user (whom you want to be able to create the module files) into a common group as www-data.

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