Gain / Loss booking in ERPNext

Hi experts,

One of my clients deals with petroleum products. Often they have gain / loss on receiving time.
Secondly for same item loss ratio is different based on destination.

How can we handle the situation?



Are you referring to exchange gain/loss or something else? If it is something else please do elaborate your query for better understanding

I mean quantitative gain / loss. As all of know petrol evaporates during transportation.
Fox example we purchased 1000 litters of petrol. During transportation from one city to another it evaporates lets say 50 litters. So we received 950 litters. Second is very rare but it occurs that we receive excess of purchase.

Different sellers have different ratio of evaporation destination wise, I mean Shell, Total and PSO have different ratios for evaporation.

How to record all this scenario.


There is also a field at Item set up level “Allow delivery or receipt upto this percent”, you could try using this by setting up different Items per supplier.

Also you could try to use the ‘Rejected Quantity’ field and set up a rejected warehouse to book such quantity for tracking purposes. You can relabel this field to an appropriate wording.

Thanks a lot. I have to discuss with my accounting team whether this will be acceptable or not?


Hi @Zahid.Butt

Did you get approval from your accounts department?