Gant chart for production planning


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ERPNext: v12.26.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.23.0 (version-12)

It doesn’t seem as if one can create a gant chart for a mul;ti-level-BOM production plan ?
Is my observattion correct ?

I was then considering to use the “Project” facility to oversee the production plan so that
I can use the gant chart facility of “Projects” to get a gant chart. but it doesn’t seem to be
possible to select a “Production Plan” as a “Task” ?

Is there perhaps another way to get a gant chart for my production plan ?

Update :

I have since thought of a plan for me to use the “Project” tool to do gant-chart planning for
a production-plan(s).

I was hoping to customize the “Task” Form and change the “Subject” field to a “Link” that
that links to “Production Plan”, but it won’t allow me to do that?


I have found one way of doing this.

What I am trying to do is to use the “Gant chart” facility in the “Projects” module to track my

According to some Gant-chart docs, it should be possible to use Gant charts for Production
order, but I have been unable to find it ( ERPnext version info is in my 1st post)

So here is my thoughts …
If I can list a “production plan” as a task in a project, then I can create a Project called
“December” for my production work in December, and then list a particular Producion Plan
as a task.

I initially wanted to change the “Subject” field in the “Task” form, but then I realised it is not a
good idea because then I can ONLY select Production Plans as Tasks.

So I added a custom field to the Task-form called … Production Plan ( type = link ) and I
linked it ti “Production Plans”. Then in the “Subject” field I put in the “Fetch From” block…

SO, when you want to use a production plan as a task, you populate the Production Plan field.
If you want to create another task name, you don’t use this method but simply enter your own
task name.

Now my Gant chart for the December Project, shows the Production Plan numbers
as tasks and I can assign dates to it.

It seems to work, but I would like to invite critisism about my method. If there is a better way
of doing this, then I would like to learn.

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