Gas tank inventory management

Hi, I’ve been asked to integrate a petrol station tank to the erp, we have a way to know exactly the quantity of galons at any given time, is there a module to handle this type of “material” in the inventory module?

Did you manage this?

What type of system get data about qty of galons in the petrol station tank?


ERPNext doesn’t provide an direct way to manage this scenario, but there’s some approachs you may can take in consideration

You should have a product for keep in stock, normally “Gas”, the best UOM are the smallest ones like gram/mm cubic, gram/cm cubic, kilo/mm cubic, kilo/cm cubic and kilo/meter cubic, but how smaller is your UOM, bigger need to be the valuation precision.

Each tank is an warehouse, and you should distribute properly the amounts of gas in each tank

Since, this is the kind of product that have an high fluctuation in stock levels, due operations, will be good build an report that correlate the live data withing the ERP data.

Transfers between tanks will be managed as stock transfers

Refilling of thanks will be managed as stock entry, while emptying a tank is an material issue.

This kind of product also require periodical stock adjustments basedly on the live data.

As live data you should understand as real-time stock levels gattered from sensors in each tank.

Also you should always consider that live data is the most updated and most trustable


You can also send live data to ERPNext so that stock adjustment fiches are created automatically based on the sensor data.

We will soon be working to connect to forecourt controller. Will update once we have the trials done.


any updates on forecourt controller integration?

Not yet. Is there an opportunity to work together on it? Our sponsor backed out after Ukraine crisis.