Gate Entry Records


India has some peculiar requirements. Many (most?) countries may have similar requirements.

Theft and pilferage is typically an area of concern for most organizations. So most organizations have a process of getting their security guys to write down in a book the Supplier Document ID, the Supplier, the Items, quantities and the rates that are passing through the gate. The truck then moves to the Goods Receipt area and the goods are unloaded and stores/warehousing person makes the Purchase Receipt for these documents.

So the idea that organizations have is that the entry at the gate is some kind of a control mechanism and they coud reconcile what was entered in the book and compare it against the purchase receipts to ensure:

  1. That all material has been received and unloaded into the warehouse and nothing has gone missing
  2. That quantities can be reconciled between the Purchase Receipt and the entry in the book
  3. That the organization can ensure that Purchase Receipts and Purchase Invoices are made in time (many times users take an inordinately long time to make these documents, which creates all kinds of complications - stock mismatches, delayed payments to suppliers etc.

Similarly on the way out the organization wants to keep a record of all the shipments that are being made and the document numbers supporting (Sales Invoice, Delivery Note, Returnable Gate Pass, Non-Returnable Gate Pass, etc.) the shipments.

However, because the entries are being made in a book (on purpose I have used the word book and not notebook as I wanted to reinforce that it’s not digitized) it’s just a weak control (I mean workers/employees of the organization know that tis entry is being made so they are alert) at best.

I am working with a client to digitize this process and get them to make the entries at the gate on ERPNext. It will perhaps have to be a custom DocType into which they will make the entry.

Now that the process is digitized, it’s possible to think of running reports and find out where things are going wrong.

Does anybody in the community have developed anything similar to this? Is the code available on public repository?




Depends on the system they are using for access control at the gate. Do you know what is being used?

You’re way ahead of me on this.

I don’t think my client is planning on any integration with the Access Control system at the gate.

But please do elaborate how the access control system and it’s integration with ERPNext can get clients to a better control configuration.



Could be used to give lightweight access control system management and or reporting via erpnext.

-Add/remove users to access system once onboarded through HR (with door/gate permissions tide to user permissions in ERPNEXT)
-Have the ability to pulse open/toggle doors via browser directly through ERPNEXT (If user has permissions)

A lot of possibilities but these are a start