📢 Gearing up for ERPNext Conference 2018

Hello Community,

Let’s plan for the ERPNext Conference 2018 :loudspeaker: Here is how we do it in 2018!

The Venue :world_map:

Mumbai has been the default venue for the ERPNext conferences so far. This time around, we plan to bring the conference to YOU. So, suggest a city where you believe hosting the ERPNext 2018 Conference will be the most beneficial for the community. Based on your suggestions, we will shortlist five venues. The final venue could be decided based on member’s votes.

If the suggestions and voting process doesn’t work out, Mumbai (venue) becomes the winner. :laughing:

What Does Suggesting a Venue Means? :thinking:

Given the ERPNext Conference is organized by the community members, your location should have active chapter/members to make arrangement at the venue. It generally includes:

  • Booking of the venue
  • Food arrangement
  • Projector, sound system, live stream arrangements

But What is the ERPNext Conference? :open_mouth:

ERPNext Conference is a yearly event where ERPNext users, developers and service providers collaborate and discuss how to take the project forward as a community. It is organized by ERPNext Community. It generally takes place in September / October every year.

It will be a three-day event.

  • Day 1: Code sprint or developer discussion (proposed) :fire:
  • Day 2: ERPNext @Foundation Roadmap :bullettrain_side:
  • Day 3: User presentation :man_dancing:

We are excited to hear your opinion on taking the ERPNext Conference to the next level.


Approximately how many people would that be? And how will it be paid for? Thanks :slight_smile:

Last year’s conference had 150 participants.


How will it be paid for? :slight_smile: sorry. best if it is known upfront.
Thanks Umair!

This will be a paid event, so there will be a ticket price. We also generally get some sponsors (service providers) for the event. Apart from that, this time we are also thinking to introduce stalls for the erpnext service providers.
And the remaining amount will be covered by the ERPNext Foundation.


Stalls is a very good idea. Most conferences do we have something on those lines


We were discussing at our New England Meetup how much more feasible a conference in Europe is for us than Mumbai. I was planning on attending either way, but there likely would be a larger contingent if it were somewhere in Europe.
Now that I think about it, that might be easier for the folks who might be traveling from South America and Africa as well.
This is all pretty speculative on my part.


Hi All,
Thanks Umair
Even though there are few ERPNext users in UAE, compared to other regions, I would suggest Dubai, UAE. I can help with the coordination for the venue, food , Audio and video. Conducting ERPNext conference in Dubai will be good in preparation for targeting expo 2020 which will be happening in Dubai. There are so many companies going to start their presence in UAE for targeting expo 2020.
From October onward for 4 months climate over is very pleasant over here.
I suggest Dubai for the event


Hi Umair,
The past 2017 conference page , https://erpnext.com/conf/2017-eu
It shows the registration page link, it will be great if u can change it to reflect the event is over

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We will not be able to show prospective sponsors about the past event, if the above link contents are not changed. Please update it with past event details, so that we can show to the prospective sponsors and market for the next event
Joseph John


Thanks for your enthusiasm. Will be great to see ERPNext Conference happening in the UAE. However, will be great to see more volunteers from UAE chapter talking lead in organizing the conference. This generally helps in the better organization of resources and allocation of responsibilities. If not the yearly conference, we are certainly due on the ERPNext meetup + conference for the gulf region.

@umair Thanks
I can take responsibility for arranging the volunteers, I have experience in arranging small events like Fedora release party, Ubuntu release party , SFD celebration. I can surely motivate some of my friends to help me in. How many volunteers we need and what role they should work, please let me know
Joseph John


UAE will be a very nice place to have the conference 2019