General Ladger and journal vocher

i want to understand the logic of GL.

For simplicity, I made Two transaction

1- sales order with 450 us and make a payment a gainst that sales order

Ase we See In the End The Total is 450 us

2- journal entry from Cash account which al ready have those 450 us , i borrow 50 us and put in Travel expensses acount

3- Now Lets Take a look on the General ledger to see what is the change .

As we see the Total = 500us
i dont understand how the General ledger work .

in my view its suppose

cash account = 450 us ---------- borrows ------------- JV------------- travel account 50
It supposee that the Total is not change because we just borrow a 50 us from account and put them in a travel account

so the cashe account now =400
travel account = 50
so it suppose that no any change in the Total value of Th general ledger and should be keep same and be = 450 us Not a 500

am i right ?

thanks a lot for your help and waiting your guids .

general ledger your screenshot for 2 transaction.

  1. Payment Entry – Sales Invoice
  2. Journal Entry --Journal Voucher

in perpectual method, journal per transaction.
if you open general ledger (your screen shoot) for 2 transaction. and total is 500 USD debet and credit. its true. balance.

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Excuse and correct me if i am wrong.

balance mean all what we have am i right ?

so now all the mony is cash=400
travel =50
so it suppose to be no chnaged and be 400+50=450

am i right ?

otherwise , how to know all the money that i have in the company ?
its not logic
to enter all the accounts and sum all of them to know how much money that i have in my company am i right ?

if you use general ledger to see “cash” or “bank” – all the money
you can filter your account “cash” or “bank”

but, i always use “chart of account” to see “cash” or “bank” or other.

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