General ledger and other reports not displaying anything

General ledger and other reports have been reading loading ever since and have never gotten any result . What could be the problem .

Hi @foxchikuns,

Caching issue, so if Manually installed erpnext then update or migrate the site.

make sure, first take a backup.

Here, i share the command.

bench update

// OR

bench update --reset

bench --site [sitename] migrate
bench --site [sitename] clear-cache
bench --site [sitename] clear-website-cache

Otherwise, remove disable report from role permission page and reports.

Thank You!

Thanks. By updating does it delete my data in case I don,t back up?Does it move to the new version since I am using version 13

Hi @foxchikuns,

When you update the version then only will update the version-13, it will not go to version-14.

For the backup side, sometimes data corrupts on update time so you should take a backup first.

Reference for backup site


Thank You!