General Ledger/Customer Statement Error

Hi , I have a problem with our general ledger, It is showing no transactions, Customers Accounting Ledger is also showing 00.00. However the trial Balance is showing correctly.We cannot produce customer statements.
Could anybody have come across this problem or be having a way of troubleshooting it? Am using ERPNext: v10.1.72 (master) and Frappe Framework: v10.1.63 (master). Am also running port based Multitenancy.The second site is working fine.


Can you share screen shots? For which company have you created transaction ? Have you selected that company of General Ledger and for which date range

Hi Shraddha,
I created transactions for one company only, and it is the default selected company in the general ledger.
Am selecting Date Range Jan-2018 to Now. Please see the image of the GL attached here.


Please Select Company on GL report and check.

Company is already selected. Its only that I edited the screenshot to hide the company name.

Hi Shraddha, Any success on this?

Can you share one of transaction ?

Yes will do shortly. Also the accountant who keyed in data used only one Journal Entry with multiple rows to input Customers opening Balances.Could this be the source of the problem.



It’s not ideal to use one Journal Entry as your debtors ageing becomes incorrect!

Hi Eli,
Can that Journal Entry be deleted and the entries be keyed in again? Will affect the accounts?

Yes, just cancel the Journal Entry.