General Ledger For Sales Person permitted customer?

hello community,
is it possible to access sales person general ledger report for permitted customer?

Bhavesh, your question is not clear.
Could you explain little more plz or write use case to envision what you looking for.


All sales person have rights to view only permitted customer I did already this but now I need general ledger report for sales user who can see permitted customer ledger only not other customers and suppliers. inshort build general ledger report for permitted customer only.

Any one have idea about this??

What General Ledger Report you referring here? Do you want to see the Sales Amount of a particular Customer and that to be visible to a particular Sales Person?

no i want sales amount as well as payment amount of particular customer.

This means you want to give access of customer Ledger access to Sales person. I’m not sure, if this is possible.

But instead why don’t you create a filtered report for a particular sales person, save the custom report and then using email alert send the report to him… Just an idea💡.