General Ledger not showing entries

Since the day before yesterday, the general ledger is not showing any entries unless Customer or Supplier is selected. before 2 days ago, all entries showed without having to select anything. There have been no updates to the system recently, and no customizations or other changes that I can see. There are no errors being reported. Anyone else ever have this problem?

ERPNext: v7.2.31
Frappe Framework: v7.2.31


Still facing this issue? The last filter indicates a custom filter where Sea Fire is selected?

Btw, a case study from you on the implementation of ERPNext at Sea-fire will be highly appreciated. I recollect doing demo for sea-fire expect a hosting subscription :slight_smile:


Yes, still facing the issue. The last filter does nothing when removed.

I can do a case study. Do you have any examples that I can go by?

At the time, our requirements prevented us from using a subscription. I believe it may have been the maximum storage space, but I’m not sure now.

I’ve fixed the GL, but I’m not sure how. Here is what I did:

Navigate to accounts>reports
Renamed the folder general_ledger to general_ledger.bak
(I had planned to insert copies of the V10 general ledger)
Renamed the folder back to general_ledger (to make sure I hadn’t broken anything)
General ledger works as it should.

Not sure why this ended up solving the problem.

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