General Ledger Report Bug

I am currently facing a bug in ERPNext 12.

If my profile is set to English language and I try to generate a General Ledger report while selecting Group by Account, the report is good and all the accounts are shown by group but if my profile is set to any different language like spanish then the accounts are not shown properly anymore.

Any solution?

Hi @pudinn,

Please also check the language in the system settings.

Then reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) and check it.

Thank You!

@NCP, I already did that.

What I have read from the following post and quoting @rtdany10:

"Options of group_by filter are translated. Assertions were made against English sentences and hence would always return false in cases where English isn’t the system language.

Solution: don’t translate options server side. Only displayed labels are translated client side."

General ledger error when choose language not english