General Ledger Report Customzation

I am using the general ledger report. I want to show in the report the breakdown of credit and debit of one account but the current general ledger report only shows the summarized report for that day. Its like this…

I want it like this…

But the general ledger report only shows this

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Have you tried selecting a Voucher No in the filters?

Yes but it shows only one date. What I need is the a range of date that will show the breakdown debit and credit of a specific account.

Group By Account Filter ?

Yes I had tried that already but it still totals the debit & credit per per Entry.
What I need to show is the breakdown of the debit and credit of the account per entry.

If out of the box does not work for your needs you will need to then build a custom report.

Yeah that’s my second option. Anyway thanks.