General Ledger summary report

Is there such thing as a general ledger summary report that I’m missing? I would like to just see a debit/credit for each GL account. Thanks!

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Chart of account shows the Dr/Cr of each account

Is that what you are looking

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Not really what I was looking for… I was hoping to have a list of the accounts with a debit, credit, total column. Our old system had something called General Ledger Summary and it was really nice to just see what happened in a given month in each GL account.

If you can put a screenshot from your old system, it will help to understand better and fast ?

I’m not in the office today so I can’t get that for you until Monday but here’s one I found online that’s very similar to ours:

You can try to search for “General Ledger Report”, maybe that would have the data you are looking for.

Thanks, I’ve already checked that. Unfortunately, that lists EVERY transaction in the GL. I simply want an overview of each GL account - a total of the debits and a total of the credits - not a listing of every entry.


Instead of checking “Group by Voucher” you may need to check the “Group by Account” check box.

Ok you are looking something like this

The query for the same is as below, can be improved to suffice your need.

account AS "Account:Link/Account:150", 
sum(debit)As "Debit:Currency:120", 
sum(credit) AS "Credit:Currency:120",
(sum(debit) - sum(credit)) as "Net:Currency:120"
from `tabGL Entry`
group by account

Yes, but it still shows the details of every account… I don’t need to send my accountant every detail in that account - just the total of debits and credits.

For this month, I exported to excel and then went through each line and deleted out the details! I really can’t afford to do that each month to send the report to her. It took me about 2 hours to do this with 5000 transactions.

Yes, this looks good. Can I do this on ERPNext Cloud? I will try. Thanks!

You can export to excel and remove the unwanted columns after grouping by Account etc.

Sorry , can’t create query/script report on cloud.

There are 2 options

a) As suggested by Pawan to Group by Account and then

  1. Export To Excel
  2. Create a pivot on the exported data
  3. Label Filter on Account (Doesn’t contain “Opening”) or remove the unwanted rows manually ( as it will be only 3 to 4 rows)
  4. Copy and Paste the values to different sheet and Add Balance Column with formula Dr-Cr and format it

b) Raise a github issue for feature request General Ledger Summary Report

Thanks for your help! I did this manually as you suggested this last month but I definitely think this would be a helpful report for everyone in ERPNext so I will raise a github for it.

Appreciate your time!

Hello… Could i get full transaction details for each account in General Ledger?

Hello… Where i add this piece of statements?

Report List >> New >> Report Type = Query Report and Is Standard = No

Copy and Paste this piece in Query/Report field
Ref. Image


Could you help me… I need the same method to get Customer Statements with full details

Provide Excel format what exactly your need.

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v13 has this built in and should be utilized if possible!

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