General question about ERPnext

Can ERPnext be configured without much customization to be able to use it for a company that design suits , pants , vests? is it possible to implement such system for such work?? so basically they would have way many measures as 150 m of fabric for example and way many things and they will create these items and sell them later on , but you do know such business measurements are always an issue and cannot be tracked well as directly if stock needs to be deducted

Hi Anthony,

It all depends on the amount of visibility and control that the organization needs. The easiest is to transfer all materials for manufacture into a warehouse (say Work in Progress) and use Stock Entry purpose Material Receipt to pull out the finished goods.

The Materials that you transferred obviously keeps building up in the Work in Progress warehouse. So periodically you need to make sense of how much material physically exists on the shopfloor and do a Stock Entry Purpose Material Issue and flush the stocks out of the system.

This obviously will not give you a whole bunch of information, but it is easy to get started and as people get comfortable and start taking to ERPNext you can get them to start building BOMs and look at intermediate processes (cutting, stitching, buttoning, etc. etc.).

It’s possible to do a whole lot without much customization. For that you have to evolve the standard operating procedures (SOP) for the organization and get the users to follow the SOPs consistently.

Hope this helps.



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hello Jay,

Thank you for your reply. Much Appreciated !