General question about POS

hello, i just have a quick question…
In Lebanon, when you sell something directly point of sale of course, like the selling item let’s say is directly 60 000 LBP there is an 11 % taxes added directly , you cannot show to the customer the price without the tax on POS, he needs to see directly price per item tax included
so is there a way to keep the tax tracked in chart of accounts because if i put tax = 0 , though i know how much is tax through a formula but i can’t track it in any account , any possible fix ??

@AnthonyS You have to create a new TAX Account :

Then set it in itam Tax for all applicable items in item master:

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In Accounts > Tax Templates

You can define an inclusive tax type and map this to whichever Account you will use to track it. Something similar to what @Mohammed_Redha has suggested.

See the articles below:

Quite simple. All the best!

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@Mohammed_Redha @adam26d thank you both for your answers ! it was quite helpful !

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