General Questions about Frappe


Just some understanding questions:
The database backend can be PostgreSQL only (important)
Can there be something like react-flow integrated or it is already existing for easy flow generation?
Also a REST API can be created as far as I understood?

Hi @tcolo:

You can use Postgres for Frappe Framework, not for ERPNext.

Framework has workflow capabilities, even a graphic workflow designer.

REST API is magically created for any data model (doctype) without any single line of code …

Hope this helps.


first I have to say Frappe is one of the most advanced things I have ever seen.

I want to build something like - ingesting metadata with The workflow builder solves a lot of things but for the data ingestions I have to build a special api and save it in the database. Postgresql is a must because of a graph database extension.

This would not be workflows but like data points with columns on the UI and connected together based on the api ingestion or manually editing in the UI.

Can this be done with Frappe ?