General report?

I am writing because I am looking to know what general reports are avaiable in ERPNext?

I know that there ar ebuilt in reports, but not sure whatkind there are or where to find them,.

This relared to:
product inventory and movement
sales per client
purchases per supplier

I know that there is a report builder. Where is it? What kind of parameters can be used when building reports?

Thanks for any guidance:)


First Create New Script Report in Your Custom App And Fill Module (Your Custom App Name)

You Will See This Folder Created Under Reports

Open The Python file named sales_per_client and write this code

from __future__ import unicode_literals
import frappe
from frappe import _

def execute(filters=None):
    columns, data = [], []
    columns = get_columns()
    data = get_data(filters)
    return columns, data

def get_columns():
    """Return the columns for the report"""
    return [
        _("Sales Invoice") + ":Link/Sales Invoice:120",
        _("Date") + ":Date:100",
        _("Customer") + ":Link/Customer:120",
        _("Total") + ":Currency:120"

def get_data(filters):
    """Return the data for the report"""
    conditions = ''
    if filters.get("customer"):
        conditions += " and customer = '{}'".format(filters["customer"])

    data = frappe.db.sql("""
            name, posting_date, customer, grand_total
            `tabSales Invoice`
            docstatus = 1 {}
        ORDER BY
            posting_date DESC, name DESC
    """.format(conditions), as_list=1)

    return data

then open the JS File named sales_per_client.js and write this code

frappe.query_reports["Sales Per Client"] = {
	"filters": [
					"label": __("Customer"),
					"fieldtype": "Link",
					"options": "Customer",
					"default": ""

Then Come To The Report and Click The “Go To The Report” Button

Then U Will See This Report That Can be Filtered With Customer

I Hope It Helps.

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