Generate a Naming Series at Address and Contact

Hello together,

how is it possible to change the from the standard to a naming_series, at the doctype Adress and Contact?

When I make a new field in the doctype called naming_series and then I fill the Autoname with
naming_series: and create a new Naming_Series in the Settings it doesn´t work, it always write the
same like in doc.title_field.

What´s the solution?

One another question is, what´s the different between Customize Button and Edit Doctype Button?

E.G. When I create a new field with Customize is it after a update also available? When I create a new field with Edit Doctype is it lost after a update or what´s the different? I didn´t really understand the different.

best regards

for custom naming series for core/standard doctypes

it is not a recommended practice to edit standard/custom doctype, if you do so, you’ll run into problems during update as core doctypes will be updated, so use customize for those docs,

you can edit the doctypes or customize if its a custom doctype created by you, no isses there