Generate barcode dynamically on Item save

Hi Community,
I an totally new to this product and need help for the following,

  1. I need to generate a barcode against an ITEM on save(Like save method in Models wrt Django Framework).Is there a similar workaround in Frappe’s ErpNext?

2.How do i map routes with the controllers in Frappe’s ErpNext??
3.How do i render data onto HTML pages??

PS: Haven’t gone through lots on the topic as is little urgent.Please help!! @Pawan

Please don’t @tag folks for help, this forum is a volunteer resource.

The docs are very informative and most often a forum search gives answers to your questions when you are stuck.

If you have little time for that you can post your requirement for help here

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem - in case your bosses are impatient for results, do inform them learning takes time and they are welcome to contribute!