Generate salary on the basis of employee checkins in a month

how to generate salary automatically at the end of the month on the basis of employee checkins.
Is it possible? If yes then please tell me about complete procedure from employee checkins to generate salary slip.

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I want to following too.


I’m not sure if it is available by default, but a way to achieve it would be to automatically generate the timesheets based on the check-in check-out, and create salary slips based on the timesheet.

How to generate the timesheets based on the check-in records?

Based on the check-in time and user ID, we can check if a timesheet exists, create a new timesheet if it doesn’t exist, or add to the time logs child table of the existing timesheet.
By check-out, the time log’s row’s “to time” gets filled.
So this continues for every check-in and check-out till the end of the day, where the timesheet can be submitted via a scheduler event (if needed).