GeoLocation - Capture client location and put into Doctype Field

Hi All,

I would like to find out how to pinpoint the User location in ERPNext,
I cant find Geolocation Field in my ERPNext (v7).

I had tried webscrapping on using chromedriver & selenium but it doesnt work, probably due to my 32bits Ubuntu system.

I also tried HTML5 Geolocation, but can’t seems to get it work on ERPNext doctype. (Ps. My server do not have HTTPS protocol)

Would much appreciate if someone could clarify to me that can OpenLayers Geolocation can be use with ERPNext in python/js.

Thanks you.

Thanks for reply.
but I am intended to add into my ERPNext V7, is that possible?
Tried log into but i do not have permission to check that doctype

I am not in programming, however Geolocation is introduced un V11/V12 and certainly was not defined under v7.