Geolocation field can't draw shape or even put a marker

Hello, I’m new here and have no idea why it’s pretty hard to find a proper documentation and a clear answer in the entire internet conn about my issue,

I recently assigned to a task that working with erpnext and trying to put a Geolocation field in the form,

What should I do, I give it a try and boom ! the map won’t draw anything, I see several warning that the map trying to load the map layer over http instead of https, but when I see the network session, the they are successfully load over https . it was so confusing.

anyone can help me getting started with this ?

thanks in advance .

Welcome to the ERPNext community!!

The reason it is hard to find documentation is that adding maps to the system is a relatively new feature. One of the things about an open source project like this is that it progresses very fast. There are many many developers adding to the core of the system every week.

The volunteers developing the system may wait until they have everything ‘just right’ before they get on to documenting their additions. Sometimes they do it along the way and other times it might never get done. Usually there are other volunteers that fill in the gaps with user documentation, but that it usually quite a bit behind the actual release of a new feature.

When working with constantly changing software, patience is key to being able to use and undrestand it.


Thank you ! bkm, I know how hard it is to be a volunteer here! We really appreciate your hard work !