GeoLocation not working in V12

After upgrading to Version 12, the GeoLocation field is not functioning properly.

Data is still successfully captured in the GeoLocation field and stored as a Feature Collection in the database, but the marker / shape disappears from the Leaflet map (on the client side) after clicking.

This error occurs in both the developer and production environment of Version 12.

Should I open an issue on GitHub?

I am also having same issue, any solution?

I’m receiving this error on the Geolocation field named Location:

code.js:44 Invalid language option provided for field “Location”. Valid options are Javascript, JS, HTML, CSS, Markdown, SCSS, JSON.

Looking at frappe source code, it has something to do with this:

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Same issue here, on v12

I opened an issue here.

Latest Github issue:

@hrwx can you check?

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