GeoLocation with ERPNext Mobile App

Hi All,
i am trying to create a DocType to work as checkin/checkout for my support team.
this Doc must include Current Location.
I have tested the new doc with mobile but it cant fetch the current location?
i belive that the app doesn’t have the permision to access the location services.

also i want to be sure that the Doc field will only contain the current location and nobody can change it. so the team members cant play with the location.
can anyone guide me


this would be an interesting idea and i would love to get involved in this … this could mean a great deal for marketing teams in the field…

yes, it will open a great possibilities if it is applicable.

this sure will

There is a field type Geolocation in ERPNext which you can use. It uses Open Street maps and was added for the Agri module:

Of course there will have to be some kind of logic to validate but it seems like a good place to start.

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it is not working from mobile app.

Did you get it to work from the app? It seems the erpnext mobile doesn’t have geolocation permissions to get current location.
Created an issue for the same.

also geolocation not show in portal !

I plan to investigate and look for another service provider offering integration options with ERPNext. Any ideas ?

Recommend you post a job on the jobs portal

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Just bumping up this issue as its quite important!

Bumping up this issue further!

Hi all,

Any updates here? Has anyone found a way to achieve this?


Is this just about updating the permissions for the mobile app or is there something else required to make it work? This would really be beneficial in many areas especially Sales and Logistics…

I tried a long time back and was able to get location in the geolocation field. Click the link below and add the plugin and build the app(apk) again.

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Hello Sir, Can you please help me to implement it to ERPnext

Hi kartik,
i appreciate if you send me the result apk

Bump! This feature is essential for people who aren’t working with Biometrics at present and those who are working remotely from other office branches.

@kartik pls share apk buddy, will be great help