German Translation "to do"

Hallo, in german translation there is To do = “Aufgabe” and Task = “Aufgabe”.
So it is the same word for different things.

First my idea, to correct the whole translation, because this could be misunderstood. Who is opreating the translation?
I found - but did not find to change this.

I thik, also in german a “to do” is a “to do” English words are popular and everybody understands.

And second, how is it possible, to change the translation in oud erp (hosted on own server) ourselves?

In setting s you can easily change translations

I’ve changed the Indian English on a line no of Students to Line in English UK

Nice and easy

Hallo, this is a deeper problem, the word i want to change is inside the interated german translation.
The functionality to set it up un “cistom translation” does not work.

I am searching for the way, to change the german translation inside erpnext.

Ho to change it?

@quintact you can update translations here:

Thanks, yes, i did … but on other hand, is MY idea of a translation the best for all users?
But i did, yesterday - a “todo” = “to do” (same words in german, everybody knows, what a “to do” means. :slight_smile:
It is not veryfied - and i cannot verify my own translations.

Ho long does it need to get in an update?

But again, no chance to change the translation file inside our system?

Hallo again,

where to find the sction, where the basic translation is locadet?
I want to have another word - as explained in the posts before - in the basic german translation

Thanks for help

for your system you can add translation
your_hostname/desk#List/Translation/List and create new
Language as de
Source Text English word.

Hi everybody. To add your own translations, is it possible to create an empty language file into your custom app:


…and add there all your own translations :wink:

Do not forget to clear cache after each change:

bench --site all clear-cache

(IMPORTANT NOTE: use this for your “own words” translations, but do not forget to use the official url for global translations and corrections to keep ERPNext & Frappe well translated :slight_smile: