Get a Serial No back on stock (without Sales Return)


For repair purposes, we would like to get Items already delivered to Customers (using Delivery Notes) located on an internal ERPNext warehouse. We don’t want to use the Sales Return option, because it affects the Sales Order status (partly delivered). After a Sales Order is completed, we don’t want to change it anymore.

Using a Stock Entry (Material Receipt) doesn’t work. Then the following error message pops up: Serial No xxxxxx has already been received.

What other options are there to get the serialized Item back on stock?


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@stiemi open a issue for that, because it’s not supported by the system right now

You don’t need to return the item. You just have to stock entry, with zero valuation, into a separate warehouse. Have you given that a shot?

@max_morais_dmm do you know the GitHub issue number? This allows me to follow the progress. We would really like to have this option.

@Not_a_countant Because the Item has to be returned to the Customer, a Delivery Note has to be created when the Item is repaired. As far as I know, I can’t create a Delivery Note without having the Item on an internal Stock location. Getting the Item back on stock is very hard right now.

For example, this Serial No is already delivered to a Customer:

To get it back on Stock, I try to create a Material Receipt (with ‘Allow Zero Valuation Rate’ checked):

When trying to Submit, it raises the following error:



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Ok, Create a “Warehouse” type doctype called “Return Warehouse” without any accounting link as you dont need it. Then create a doctype called : “Stock Voucher for repairs” without any connection to accounting / stock.

Evertime someone returns an item fo repair, issue a “stock voucher for repairs” and enter the “serial no” in the “return warehouse” doctype. When you fix and return it, mark it as returned to customer.

No stock, no accounting. As both are not needed as you dont “own” the item.

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I think @max_morais_dmm was telling you that you should open an issue, not saying there is already one.

I have a similar case where we will be getting serialized items returned for repair. So far I was thinking we would just do $0 returns to get the items back in stock, but I hadn’t thought about the impact that would have on the sales order.

@Not_a_countant, what do you mean with a “Warehouse” type DocType? Duplicating the Warehouse DocType?

I’m afraid I don’t understand this way of handling the repair. Using this method it won’t get back on stock? If so, I’m not able to create a Delivery Note…

This page is also describes the step to get it on Stock Using a Material Receipt. But as said, this doesn’t work…

Yes, create a virtual warehouse that is similar to Warehouse Doctype. It is just a place holder to keep track of inventory that doesn’t belong to you. Another doc type to enter data into the warehouse (if you have multiple locations).