Get acknowledgment from user

I want to get acknowledgment from my dealer regarding his sales order.

Acknowedgwment for your purchase order which you raised against the dealer ?

NO. when salesman get order from dealer then i want to check wether that order is correct or not. so i want something that dealer can ack. me that order is correct.

Hi ,

Raising sales order based upon Sales quote .Once quote is confirmed we will covert as sales order .So we have option to send sales order to dealer by email once you raise sales order.

now also i send sales order to dealer by mail.
But how can i get confirm from dealer.

@Yugawart_Pawar use the feedback trigger

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only way by email…But before that u already have two stages : Quote & sales order .How can it will go wrong if quote is right.

thanks sir

but i want only by mail .so that both party’s have proof of it.