Get barcode into Stock Reconciliation

Hi there!

I would like to get the item barcodes into the table of the Stock Reconciliation form for every item. The reason is that I do the Stock Reconciliation process by downloading the csv-file onto a barcode-scanner and than scan every item. In the end I upload the new file with the new quantities.

Can anybody tell me how to do that?

Following the good old expression RTFM :blush: , I partelly got it to work:

I set up a custom script and the used custom field “item_barcode”:


This works when I add the items manually in the table. However clicking the toolbar-button “Item” doesn’t work with the custom script.

Can anybody help me getting this to work?

Still me… still stuck

Realized that the toolbar-button only gets the items but doesn’t get any other information (like quantity). Is that a bug?

Barcodes are now available in Stock Reconciliation DocType, so closing this thread.

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