Get buying value in selling item

Using custom scripts, Is it possible to get a value from an item buying price into it’s selling price in order to calculate retail prices automatically.

Would be hard using custom scripts, though possible.

You should export “Item Price” change it in your spreadsheet app and import it back into the system using Setup > Data > Data Import / Export Tool

Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping for something automated.

If I just want to pull a recalculated buying rate of an item into the item form, how would I do this?

For example I take rate * discount_percent * uplifted_value * tax = New_rate

How would I reference this field to bring it into the item form.

Best solution would be to create a new pricelist from an existing one by giving a percentage margin.

Should be easy enough for a developer to do this. If you do build the feature, do contribute back.